Back in action !!

Well, an old friend has returned, and mentioned that I had stopped blogging. In one swift move he revealed his identity as one of the 3, possibly 4, people who check this blog out, and also managed to make me feel guilty. So, here we go. Simple, no quotes, no links, just a hello. He actually told me this several days ago, but the “switch” did not flip until today. It just flipped, and suddenly I wanted to write again. My mind has entertained many thoughts in the last few months, so as the merry-go-round in my head slows down enough to recognize the faces of the riders, I will put them here. If you are new here, just settle in. Check out some old posts, and come back when you feel like it. I will go for now, but shall return soon. Ok, Ken, are you happy now? I posted. Just kidding, old friend. Goodnight !


American Exceptionalism

Friends, the upcoming elections in November are crucial. Day after day we hear of more and more ridiculous decisions coming out of Washington. Give this man 9 minutes, listen to what he has to say. The sitting president is our common enemy, this cannot be denied. The problem has been festering for many years, and now the wound is open. We must do our part to affect change, both in govt. and in our homes.

Hear me now, believe me later

I recently stumbled across an excellent blog hosted by a police officer and father. In one of the posts, the author of that particular post labels and explains the members of society as the play their roles of either sheep, sheepdogs, or wolves. Check out the article, you will like it. Now, with these images in mind, flash forward to the picture I received yesterday by email. The same picture is embedded here in this post, but I threw in a link to a larger version so you can read it better. As we wage war on our southern borders, the idiot in the White House continues to downplay and discourage as only he can do. Today he nominates a woman for the Supreme Court, and she has never even served as a judge. She is relatively young, compared to most appointees, so she could affect decisions for decades to come. Ok, back from the rabbit trail!! The picture shows some morons who believe that we, as Americans, OWE them something. Not just something, but lots of “free” stuff. Look at their demands, they already get most if not all of those things. They take our jobs, they already get free healthcare, they already don’t pay taxes, and so forth. These protests are in response to legislation passed in Arizona concerning illegal immigrants. Obama has called this legislation “misguided” and says it will “undermine the basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans”. Basic notions of fairness. Like, taking from hard working, tax paying, law abiding CITIZENS of this country and giving to illegal, hateful, violent, murdering immigrants? How is that fair, “mr. president”? He even alludes to “failures” at the federal level which brought about “failures” at the state level. Day after day we are bombarded with these constitutional abuses and anti-American sentiments out of Washington, and we just have to take it. I have said it before, and I will say it again. Obama is God’s judgment on America. You liberal tree-huggers that voted for him wanted him, and the rest of us stood by and let it happen. We still stand by and just take it. Recently, there arose a controversy concerning verbal prayer in nursing homes. Based on other current events and patterns, do you think they would try to restrict muslim prayers? I doubt it! All those patriots and statesman of old were not the only ones who got it right. I think Pink Floyd got it right also. “All in all it’s just another brick in the wall”. Good night. Sleep tight, while you can.

Aquabot, I think I love you,….

I don’t make a habit of trying to endorse products, but when something works, I think you should let people know. My automatic pool cleaner, an Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. “T” recently arrived. FYI, the “T” is simply a designation given to units that are sold by In The Swim. I had read numerous reviews, and attempted to research the products before making a decision. Finally, we took the plunge. Minutes after unpacking the Rover, I had it assembled and in the pool. I have to agree with the guy who started this web site, it is a really good product. Granted, I have only had it less than one week. Assuming you (and I) don’t end up with a lemon, the pool rover is an excellent cleaner. I have not placed my order yet, but the people at NastyBag will be getting my business, also. If you ever have to deal with one of these automatic cleaners, you will understand why they call their product “Nasty Bags”. If you are interested, you should know that In The Swim offers the opportunity to purchase a two year, no questions asked replacement warranty. No other dealer that I found offers this, so keep that in mind. While we are on the subject of swimming pools, I have to mention the staff at Trouble Free Pool. Once you learn more about the chemistry of what is going on and what is needed ( more importantly what is NOT needed), you too can enjoy a trouble free pool. Browse on over there sometime, and check them out. Ok, enough free advertising for tonight.

They come, they go ….

Hey, attention all readers of this blog. Yes, I am talking to all 3 of you!! I made some changes on my blogroll. I added some, and removed some. Why don’t you check out some of the amazing blogs that I have stumbled across. Go ahead, click them. You know you want to. Good night.

Draconian penalties

“It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. David Hume, the great Scottish philosopher, said that. I am a Scot myself. He was bloody right. For more than half a century, the shining Republic created by the blood of the Continental Army and a few great men has been nearly nibbled to death by the Democratic ducks in the Congress and a warmly cooperative Supreme Court.

There is now no aspect of American life, public or private, that the federal government does not invade, instruct and finally coerce to its will. Farm and factory, home and school, university and research center, club and playground—all are overlaid with a spidery network of laws, guidelines, restrictions and Draconian penalties that stifle the spirit, the energy, the creative capacity of what was once the freest nation on earth. In this hemisphere, now that Ortega and Noriega have fallen, the collectivists’ sentiments discredited around the world fly best, I fear, in Cuba and Washington, D.C.

Of course, government is the problem. The armies of bureaucrats proliferating like gerbils, scurrying like lemmings in pursuit of the ever-expanding federal agenda testify to that amply. Tom Jefferson, the only genius we ever had, said that government is best which governs least. I am amazed you Democrats are still comfortable with Mr. Jefferson as your designated logo.”

These words were spoken by Charlton Heston as his opening remarks in a debate that took place in late 1990. Heston went on to answer, elegantly and proficiently, questions from lawmakers and other panel members at the debate. What amazes me is the eerie feeling I get when I read these old statements and speeches. I am not saying that we have seen times just like this before, but at least similar. I imagine that the times are indeed getting worse. Some who read this blog (I know all 3 of you by name, incidentally) may wonder why many of my posts have political ramblings in them, as though I fancy myself a political pundit of some sort. I do not, and I am only expressing what others are thinking as well. I always have an underlying belief in God, and this belief gives me comfort even in these days. I just wanted to come at you from a different angle tonight, one that involved “Democratic ducks in the Congress”. That was a good one, Chuck. Good night.

Got bandwidth ??

The title of this post was not my first choice for today. As I sat here waiting on wordpress to load, however, this was surely what came to mind. Whether running Ubuntu or even an Apple product, it still takes quite a while to even load a page out here. Adding a large attachment is almost unthinkable, as is opening one. When I say large, I mean in the neighborhood of 1mb. Yep, 1mb. Oh, it can be done, it would take a very long time though, and you may get cut off and lose your account for “streaming”. So, for want of bandwidth, the kingdom was lost. Anyway, before I went off down the bandwidth rabbit trail, all I really had on my mind was the astonishing lack of backlash from my last post. I was sure I would have gotten at least one nasty comment, or lost a few friends on Facebook. I have started to feel lately that surely some have started to “hide” me, thus blotting out my posts. Oh well. I can live with that. This post will be short, just know that I have taken another free helicopter ride, and am now currently safely back on my home away from home. Until next time, good night !